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Can Anyone Give me What Size Rivet and How many I need for An Amd 65 build

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Hey Guy's whats going on I just needed some rivet info on how many it takes and what sizes of rivets to use. Also what is the best place to order rivets from I was curious because I heard the Tapco rivets are sometimes too small does anyone know of any other places to order rivets besides the Tapco, Joeken and Kvar I mean maybe like places that specialize in fasteners. I was going to try to weld one of my builds but I am hearing of to many bad experiances to doing so I once saw a picture of a poorly welded AK that pretty much exploded. I am a very good welder but just don't trus the MIG too much. Thanx Agian guys for all the info and to pookie for the PRICELESS info hes given not just me but everyone thanx again.:thankyou:
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I buy my rivits from Global Trades. They are the correct rivits for a build. You need 6- swell neck rivits for the front trunion, 5 standard short rivits for the trigger guard, 2 long rivits for the rear trunion. That is the amount you need for a standard build with a wood or plastic butt stock. The folders require different amount for the rear trunion.
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