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cattle-prod & rubber hose job?

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Police: Dutchman says he knows Holloway location - Yahoo! News

funny how a less restricted "questioning" gets results so quickly!
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Yeah I was kind of thinking that same thing.
Either that or he's lying again trying to get out of the country to avoid the jail there, thinking maybe once he gets in Aruba he'll want to serve out what they give him there first.
The reason I say that is because of this
that the 22-year-old Dutchman told investigators "he would only testify (on the matter) before Aruba authorities."
I heard ( unconfirmed ) that he's trying for a 15 year sentence by giving up the location? I'll bet daddy will buy him a nice prison for white collar criminals, kind of like what the drug cartel ranking members go to. I think a good old hanging western style - no weights on the feet is to good for him, but it would do just fine.
I think daddy is no longer on this planet (dead) to save his deamon seed, only mom and I think she has all of the $$. I dont think he will get out to diffrent set of laws.
Dad died in February 2010; hope sonny boy gets everything he deserves in the lovely Peruvian jails!
The devil has taken the ********** dads soul to hell.
Killed a famous race car drivers daughter. Those people kinda respect their famous athletes. Even prisoners.
Anyone want too bet a case of beer he gets dead in two weeks. :)
They say he has already called mommy and told her that the bad cops forced him into the confession.
personally i got no pity for the fool. in all truth he should hang.
personally i got no pity for the fool. in all truth he should hang.
1 + :nanabang:
It's the stuff horror books are written about --

Except real.
They're keeping him in solitary for his safety.

A guy on the news last night was saying the prisons there don't have cells like most countries, they are large rooms with 30 to 40 inmates in each, the toilet is usually a hole in the floor.
yea couldn't happen to a nicer guy. i am wondering if the "contract" will be sent out before or after the trial?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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