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New Mexico just got concealed carry, too. The problem is, they didn't do anything to change the law that says you can't carry in a place that sells alcoholic beverages. That's a felony. Note that we're not talking just about bars, but convenience stores, grocery stores, Wal-Mart, etc. People are working to modify the law so that the wording changes to a "place that DISPENSES" alcohol, i.e., bars, but that could be years away. Since the grocery store parking lot is one of the most likely places for someone to try to rob you, that law bites a huge chunk out of why I wanted to carry concealed in the first place.

I was in the process of doing my paper work for concealed carry, and a friend and I started talking about just how many places you can't carry even with the license. I've decided for now that the $100.00 fee and all the fingerprinting, release of health records, etc. that you go through is just not worth it unless the law is modified to allow carry in places that sell alcoholic beverages as long as they don't "dispense" them.

It's a petty misdemeanor in New Mexico to carry concealed without a license; if I remember right that's a $35.00 fine and they'll probably keep your gun.

If you actually use your firearm in a self-defense situation you're going to be in way more trouble than a petty misdemeanor anyway.

New Mexico does not have the right of self-defense; we have "justifiable homicide," and Brother, THEY will decide what is justified, probably after they've already arrested you, booked you, etc.

During our qualifications class, we were strongly warned that in the event you do have to use your weapon in self-defense, you should not talk to the cops until you call your lawyer. This is EVEN IF you are 100% certain that some dirtbag was offed because he desperately deserved it. You can only use deadly force in New Mexico if you are in IMMEDIATE DANGER of being harmed, i.e., it's him or you. If you inadvertently give the cops the impression you could have run away, well, then, it's off to prison for you, Bucko!

(Sorry, ranting...)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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