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Central VA BuildFest 2004 - the official thread

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Alright guys, we are getting close to the day . . .

. . . a day that will live in Diane Feinswine's memory forever . . . .

. . . John F'n Kerry's worst nightmare . . .

Central Va's BUILDFEST 2004 :thumbup1:

For those that may not be aware, I am hosting a group AK build at my house in Mechanicsville, Va (right outside of Richmond) on Oct 30th. There have been a series of emails bounced around concerning this and we are ready to rock and roll.

This all-day event begins at 10Am at 6777 Rural Point Rd, Mechanicsville va 23116. If your bringing tools and need to set up, please arrive at about 8AM if you can.

We are grilling out, so bring food and drinks. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in moderation. Nothing illegal (3rd holes, short barrels, non-922r compliance) allowed. We will most likely have a police presence . . . at least one deputy that I know from my Church is interested in coming and doing a build.

For the most part we will be working from flats and riveting our work. If you want to do a pre-bent or screw build you are welcome to work with us, but you probably won't get it finished in a day.

As far as tools go, the following folks are bringing stuff:

Drill press
Angle grinder
Big vise
Dremel tool
MAPP torch
Propane torch
Misc tools

Wire fed Mig welder 110 volt
Welding magnets
Right angle grinder (should work real well for knocking the old rivet heads off)
Wire brushes
Jewelers files (for small work)
Dremel tool and some cutting wheels
Small punches
Some drill bits
Drill bit sharpener (electric)
Center punch
4# Mallet

xebec press kit
drills, bits
box of regular small tools
10" vice
Parts up for grabs if someone is in a jam:
compliance parts
small parts, left overs

drill bits
punches for removing rivets
xebec press kit
hand drill
box of small AKM parts people could use if they need to
tool box with general small tools
10" vice
bench grinder

Barrell threading tools
Rasps and files for stock fitting

Chris Widger​
mig welder
small drill press and some bits
I also have a small portable bead blaster but no
MAPP gas torch (for heat treating)
bucket for quenching
3 lb sledge!!
104 quart igloo cooler

115v spot welder - with lower tong modification.
Hand drill and bits.
Dremmel tool and cutters.
Pliers and vice grips
Etc tools.

Thumb Clip Pull Pin​
20 ton press​
barrell pin removal tool​


I think that we're going to need another press . . . anyone coming have one that they can bring with them?​

Also, how many flats are you guys planning on pressing each?​

Disconnector AKA Rich B​
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Awww crap . . . anyone have a rear AKM trunnion I could use? Mine got seriously borked last night. Next time Rich, buy carbide bits :kick: Here's to hoping!
I hope so :starwars:

Actually, I might even have a couple of uniformed deputies there doing builds with us. Hopefully, they can get the day off . . .


Just got an email from Steelcore1964 . . .

He's bringing a bending jig, plinkers rivet tools , Xebex full kit, a 220
volt spot welder, and 115v mig welder.

It just keeps getting better and better . . . you guys are awesome!

I'm borrowing my aunts super-hitech digital camera . . . pics will be forthcoming.

Hopefully, we will get enough info, videos, and photos to create a definitive home AK building document.

BTW, I'm an idiot . . .

the correct date is the 30th NOT the 31st.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<must reduce Paxil dosage >>>>>>>>>>>>>

:headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin:

Steelcore had a great idea . . . why dont't we make this a swap meet also? Bring any part, accessories, or just plain "gun stuff" that you would like to trade/sell.

Also, I've got responses from several of you concerning being subject experts, but I need more of you to step up . . . email me if you're interested!

Man, this thing just keeps getting bigger and more awesome every day.

Rich B AKA Disconnector
If you don't have you FCG, don't worry. The law prohibits having more than 10 imported parts . . . just assemble what you have and you will be in compliance.

Any kind of soda will be cool. I prefer Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper personally.

I hope that lots of folks bring their cameras and camcorders. If you want Tanker, you can be the official photo and video coordinator. Once the BuildFest is complete, folks could get their stuff to you for archival purposes.

Up to you, bro.

1 - 8 of 11 Posts
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