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CFS $119 Polish kits

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Did anyone here order one of the recent Polish kits from CFS? Just wanted to get some feedback from those of you who had.
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yosuthnmasa said:
Did anyone here order one of the recent Polish kits from CFS? Just wanted to get some feedback from those of you who had.

First kit I checked out had matching numbers, a bore that looked like it had never seen a bullet through it, dark wood, red plastic grip, front trunnion wasn't touched in the cutting process, rear trunnion was cut close and can be made useable. Everything appears straight and almost like a new gun that was cut up for parts.
The second kit....where should i begin??? It had a nice barrel with excellent bore, one of the sight ears was doggy looking but nothing a little sandpaper couldn't fix. The front trunnion looks beautiful too. Now for the bad and wierd stuff.
1. This has a laminate pistol grip instead of a red plastic one. wouldn't be bad if it matched the wood.
2. speaking of wood, the wood doesn't match and appears to be off from three different guns (upper is beat to crap, lower is dark wood like the first kit but different in a few ways like it wasn't polish), and the laminate pistol grip is a different color. This will definitely give the battlefield look, lol.
3. The numbers do not match on this kit. The bolt and bolt carrier seem to have the same proof marks but the number on the bolt carrier is barely legible and is different than on the trunnion. Also the bolt and bolt carrier are very worn compared to the barrel assembly.
4. The underfolder looks good and is straight but is a totally different style mechanism than the other cfs polish kit and also is different than the global trades polish kit I have. Did Poland make different style rear trunnions/locking mechanisms? or maybe this is a different country for the underfolder stock. I definitely need to get some pictures taken.
5. The rest of the parts are a hodge podge of parts with different numbers from different guns. The gas tube looks worn to nothing and yet the barrel is in excellent shape.

All in all do I think these were a good deal? The first kit definitely yes, the second kit well do I have a choice? Sure I could return it but if they sold out of the polish underfolders already I wouldn't be able to get another one in exchange - would I? For the price some would say why B*tch and complain. Well I'm not complaining but I do feel that looking at the second kit it looks nothing like the kit Lois posted a link to the picture of (my first kit looks as good as the picture in the cfs link though). Sad thing is with ordering two kits, one was for me and one was for a buddy of mine(yes he already paid me for it). You can only guess which kit I am stuck with, lol. I figure I will call Lois in the AM and see what I can get worked out to see if there are any polish underfolder kits left where I could make an exchange for the second kit. If not I will keep the second kit and practice my wood working skills (or lack of) with the wood in that kit.
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Winn R said:
I had intended for my lack of the vociferous comment to speak volumes.

I see however, that we are not suffering in silence.

I will not send it back, Center fire did not misrepresent it. And the extraordinary condition of many of the kits which I have received from them has spoiled me.
Mine is in about the same shape as Rhino's. It does have the distinction however of being the first kit I have ever gotten which would not headspace.

Winn, nicely said, and maybe I can (and should) learn something from you (silence is golden is the first lesson) :) . But on a different note...

I do remember reading at the akfiles where Tara (a centerfire employee) wrote that these kits are in very good condition. and looking at the picture at reminds me of my first kit and not my second.
I will post pics of mine in a bit. As to the global trades kits the one I have is beautiful. I believe 7.62x39 has bought a couple of the global kits also - maybe he could offer some input.
Here are some pics of the kits and some closeups of the underfolders. I wish I knew what country the underfolder in the second kit is from.

Kit #2

closeup of underfolder in kit #2 this almost reminds me of a chinese underfolder - but then again the receiver doesn't look thick enough to be chinese. Any ideas?

kit #1 this is a nice kit with all numbers matching

rear underfolder trunnion from kit #1

notice the straight backside of the trunnion area where the one in kit #2 was curved slightly.

some differences in the stocks. Looking at the stocks - I don't think they both came from poland, unless one is a newer style - does anyone know?

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yosuthnmasa said:
Mike, missed these pictures and ask to see them in the other thread...sorry. Both of my sets of wood look very similar to yours. Is it not Polish? If not, what would you expect it to be. Have any of you guys dealt with Lois at CFS replacing certain pieces(rear trunnion) because they were cut up, or banged up too badly? I'm hoping maybe that she can get me one so that I can keep one of the kits. 762, are your Polish kits all from Global? Global's website says they are all sold out of Polish kits, so I'll have to check with Sportsman Guide and FAC. FAC's is $159, so I'm more inclined to go with them based on the price. What experience have you guys had with their kits?
I would feel comfortable to say that the wood with my first kit is polish and that the wood is in decent shape. Of course my first kit is all numbers matching. I'm not saying the wood in my second kit isn't polish just that it doesn't seem to be from the same gun. The lower handguard doesn't fit the receiver chunk that is still attached to the front trunnion of kit #2 and the gas tube of kit #2 is going to need to be fitted where the gas tube in kit #1 fits perfect. I tried to call Lois this afternoon and left a voice mail message. So can't help you there. But past experience with Lois has always been positive and she did help make it right for me by helping me to get some wood replaced on an AMD63 kit I had bought through her when centerfire was first offering the amd63 kits. One good thing with sportsmansguide is that being a member of the buyers club gets you the discounted price, plus if you're not already a member when you join SG usually throws in free shipping on that order. Plus there are usually coupons that can be used. so the total price is lower than expected.

Here is a link if you need it I am thinking the FAC kits are global trades kits also, but am not sure.
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also for comparison here is the kit I got through SG.

Nice wood on this and looks perfect.

How it was packaged and this was inside a carboard box.

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BTW I found out that the underfolder in kit #2 is from a Chinese Type 56-1. So I am wondering how kit #2 could be considered a Polish kit????? Did the chinese and polish share parts, if so this is the first I've heard of it.
Winn R said:
I don't know how you guys getaway with treating washing machines like this!!
It's easy Winn, the washing machines don't complain!! :rofl: But if I take a picture on my wife's flowery table cloth she might not like that to well, ha ha. Plus I didn't want to clear a couple of projects off my work bench for a photo op. Besides as long as I don't put the parts in the washing machine... :headspin:
yosuthnmasa said:
Mine are both going back today. Lois didn't have any problems with it and will be reimbursing shipping.
you got through? After getting voive mail, I left a voice mail message and figured she must've been busy. So i called the number at the bottom of the invoice and got an RMA number for my kit#2. It went back yesterday but I guess in my haste to get it returned I forgot to ask about reimbursement on shipping charges for that kit. Will see what happens.
sportsmansguide has the polish underfolders.
DrugRunR said:

What happened is that someone in the polish army got a chinese u-folder somehow.
When they cut the weapons up, they did not pull the chinese gun out from the polish ones. Centerfire did not know to check because they all came from poland.
You can tell that it is a chinese barrel because it will be smaller diameter then the polish.
If the front trunion is not damaged then you really made out on the chinese gun.

Now, for the pictures that I have seen in this thread, the barrel's where not rusty.
What was rusty was the slant brake.

The demilled trunions is what makes these kits useless IMHO.
I can deal with some rust. I can deal with missing 1 rivet out of the rear trunion.
But I can't deal with the front trunion being cut.

I am really glad I did not buy any of these kits.

To whomever purchased the kit with the laminated grip, I would check the dates on the trunion. Good chance you got a russian kit instead of polish
The chinese underfolder came with a polish barrel dated 1979 on the front trunnion with the polish markings. The laminated pistol grip was in with this kit also. Everything was a hodge podge from different guns and nothing matched in this kit. This kit was sent back to CFS and ups delivered it back to them on Friday. The other kit was all numbers matching and that one was not returned. I wish I could of scored a chinese barrel still in the trunnion - but I'm not that lucky, lol.
DrugRunR said:
I guess it is possible that it was a field repaired gun but I don't think so.
I suspect that someone at CFS just tossed some stuff in a box.

I would really of liked a picture of the laminated grip.
Here is a pic that I took the same day I took the other pics I posted earlier. I didn't post this one originally - but this is the only one I have with the laminated grip in the picture.
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