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CFS $119 Polish kits

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Did anyone here order one of the recent Polish kits from CFS? Just wanted to get some feedback from those of you who had.
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I just shipped mine back today. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this particular kit a 1.5. This is the WORST demill job I've ever seen. The K-Var 74 trunnions were minor compared to this. The Centerfire 74 trunnions were bad just like the K-Var were, but both were fixable. This kit was plain junk.

The list of issues:

1. Muzzle looks like rifle was dropped on concrete.
2. Muzzle is rusty.
3. Muzzle has a chip out of it.
4. Bore is pitted.
5. Bore is rusty.
5. Trunnion was cut close enough to rivets to take half of one head off.
6. Rear block was cut through rivets.
7. Gas tube is the vented type. The rifle has a vented gas block and should not have a vented tube.
8. Lower handguard is from a milled kit and will not fit a stamped receiver.
9. One sight block ear is bent. Minor fix, but one more for the list.

Even if I recrowned this kit, there would have been no way to salvage the bore. It was pitted from chamber to muzzle and the rifling was fairly eroded from the muzzle back to the gas port.

I talked to Lois. She said no problem and gave me an RMA number. I've gotten great service from Centerfire, so I'll keep dealing with them. This sort of thing happens. They have great customer service and that makes up for a rare bad item. Apparently the samples were much nicer than the batch of kits they actually received.

I sent the kit back and told Lois to put the credit towards an Enfield #4. I'll see what kind of condition it's in before I have Todd do the transfer. If it's junk, I'll send it back.
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