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CFS $119 Polish kits

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Did anyone here order one of the recent Polish kits from CFS? Just wanted to get some feedback from those of you who had.
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I got 2 kits. The first one was mint, the second really used hard . Both rear trunions cut short about 3/8 inch. All matching on both kits. I attacked the worn kit first and built up weld on the trunion,ground it down and drilled. Worked fine and build is almost finished. Just have to make & install rails & FCG. I will keep it in it's worn look as it gives it some class. Ktis are kits and I have been spoiled by the mint ones in the past but getting by the problems is part of the fun and in the end it will all work out. A bit more work but what the hell-that's why I build them...
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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