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Cheap rear trunion and stock?

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Hey ladies and gents,
I have 2 AMd-65 kits that I am building. The thing is...I decided that I may want to build one with a plain rear trunion and wood stock instead of a folder. I looked at the various websites and found that rear trunions are a lot more than I want to spend. I was wondering if anyone has any idea where I could get a rear trunion and wood butt stock on the cheap? I have a rear folder that I could trade if anyone is interested. Otherwise is there any websites where trunion/stocks are reasonable?
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I was planning to pick up a rear trunion from interordnance. Got 2 underfolders and I think I will make one of them a fixed wood stock typer. You can also get a new US made stock set at Aim. They are walnut and unfinished. Pretty good deal for $50. If all you want is the rear stock I would buy the rest of the parts from you.
Sorry but no. I need that for another build. If I hear of any cheaps ones I will pass on the word.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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