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This makes absolutely no sense to me. I can't understand the reasonong behind their point. Guess someone will have to explain it to me.

City says gun law exposes it to suits
December 7, 2004

BY [email="[email protected]"]FRAN SPIELMAN[/email] City Hall Reporter

A new federal law that allows off-duty and retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons is a disaster waiting to happen because there is no national registry of retirees, no standardized ID and no law to shield Chicago and other municipalities from liability, aldermen were told Monday.

"It is essentially a federal concealed-carry permit. ... There is substantial liability risk," said deputy corporation counsel Larry Rosenthal.

"If someone comes here brandishing a photo ID from the Talladega County, Ala., mosquito abatement district, a Chicago Police officer either has to make an arrest until we can verify [the ID], in which case we face potential liability if it turns out that person was eligible to carry a firearm or, if he doesn't make the arrest, we've given criminals an enormous tool ... to run around the streets of Chicago and ply the drug trade and the work of criminal street gangs."

Without a standard-issue ID, Assistant Deputy Police Supt. Bill Shavers warned that criminals could create "false credentials to evade police" when legitimately stopped.

"Is that person who they say they are? There's no way right now to confirm that fact. ... It leaves law enforcement in a very untenable position," Shavers said.

'Trial lawyer's dream'

Last fall, Mayor Daley called the federal law signed by President Bush on July 22 a "trial lawyer's dream" because of the 1 million men and women it arms with concealed weapons and the liability questions it raises.

On Monday, the City Council's Police Committee responded to that warning by approving a Daley-sponsored resolution urging the U.S. Justice Department to close the legal loopholes that, city attorneys contend, leave Chicago one shooting or one arrest away from a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

Specifically, the resolution calls on the feds to shield local taxpayers from liability, "promulgate national standards to prevent counterfeiting" of retired officer IDs and to maintain "a national registry" either of active and retired law enforcement personnel qualified to carry firearms or, alternatively, those who are disqualified as a result of mental instability or disciplinary action.

Fraternal Order of Police President Mark Donahue acknowledged the need for a national registry, but he said, "I don't believe the sky is falling."

Response being readied

Donahue said many of the city's questions will be addressed later this week when the Illinois Police Training Standards Board votes to establish a process for testing and qualifying those who retire "in good standing" after serving as law enforcement officers for at least 15 years.


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Cops with ....guns....oh my.

Why do the people of Chicago keep electing turds named Daley as Mayor?
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