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Chinese troops training Mexican Army to disrupt US border?

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Okay, I know this sounds crazy, and if I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I'm not sure I'd believe that anyone ever said it, but.............................

Earlier today, a local radio talk program had a guest from a nearby Army base. After a discussion on several other topics, the guest brought up intelligence reports that the Chinese had troops in Mexico--disguised as Mexican troops--in order to train the Mexican military for operations to disrupt the border areas in the US as part of some future plan.

The discussion was focused on the need for our National Guard and Reserve troops to be patrolling our borders instead of being in Iraq; this is how the subject came up in the first place.

The guest went on to say that Vicente Fox is a Socialist with ties to China, Russia, and Cuba, and that Mexico maybe preparing for some operation against our Southern Border.

Again, if I hadn't heard this myself I never would have believed that such a thing is possible.

Has anyone else heard of this? The show is not a morning "shock jock" show and the guest was deadly serious.

Does anybody else have any info on this?
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I have heard of it before. I think it is called aztlan. If you do a google search it will pull up all kinds of stuff on aztlan and the idea of taking over what was once Mexico's land in the US (i.e. california, arizona, new mexico, texas - am I missing any).
Check out this search

edit: as for the chinese troops - I have heard or read that before but not sure where.
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