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Civil Rights and Double Standards Illegal aliens vs gun owners

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Commentary on the screwy thinking about civil rights where it comes to people who have invaded the United States and American gun owners by the talking heads and Political class.

Feel free to pass the link along to family and friends.

Civil rights and double standards: Gun owners are forced to "show papers," but media say illegal aliens shouldn't have to
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Great read thank you. Some very interesting facts in there I didn't know.
Thanks guys, I am always trying to get people to think outside the box. It is very fun to toss this issue to an anti-gunner who hates the new Arizona law, it leaves them sputtering and foaming at the mouth. At least it gets them pondering the issue.
Very good points in there. But dont worry. I personally belive..(dare i say hope?) that before to long it wont matter what the Douchident of the United States says, or what Arizona says. Maybe soon the people of this country who still feel its their country will actually do something. :p
After a Green Card is Granted

A green card is issued to all permanent residents as proof that they are authorized to live and work in the United States. If you are a permanent resident age 18 or older, you are required to have a valid green card in your possession at all times.
USCIS - After a Green Card is Granted

So, how is it "racist" to be requested to produce your Green Card if you are under suspicion of having illegally entered the United States?
Sick. Is it not? It amazes me how easily the gun owners of America were duped into thinking nazi laws should be enforced here in America.
The first thing you hear when new gun control legislation is introduced is 'we need to enforce the laws on the already books.'
Now in the delusion of fighting enemy invaders from the south, the same poor folks will be saying 'I have to volunteer information and show my papers all the time. Therefore everyone should have to.'
In the fear of being called a 'rasis'
Glad you all enjoyed it.

I was pleased to learn today that Tom Gresham talked about my article for Buckeye Firearms on the subject of gun owners civil rights on his show yesterday. About 30 minutes into this segment of the show.

Civil rights and double standards: Gun owners are forced to "show papers," but media say illegal aliens shouldn't have to
After taking to an LE friend in AZ, the AZ law won't do much for one reason. Citizens don't have to carry papers saying that they are. He said that his department is just going to ask people if they are citizens or not. If they say yes, end of questioning. If they say no, then show a passport with visa or alien card. He said that sometimes ICE won't even come and get someone that is a known illegal so they post bail, disappear on to the street, and fail to show up for court.

The other thing that makes it hard to deal with is that the INS is F'ed up like most government agencies. I lived in AZ when I got married. For the 18 months after my wife came here on a fiance visa after we got married, the INS only provided a letter stating that she was legally here, no green card. No one accepted that letter as official so couldn't get a drivers license, no valid state ID since the state wouldn't issue her one. She was left in limbo by the INS. The law stated that the INS had 90 days to complete the transition from finance to Resident alien spouse. They took 15 months longer, and they didn't give two s%^ts about your problems. The routinely sent us letters asking us to come down a wait hours to do some step in the process then would tell us when they wanted. They made us get appointments to turn in documentation they requested that for some reason you couldn't send in. They wouldn't let anyone in the building except who was requested to appear. You waited outside in the 100 degree heat for them to call you inside to wait some more. My wife was pregnant during some of this and all they would tell her was if you start feeling bad becasue of the heat we will call the paramedics. They charge fees for all this. If they need more people to process applications efficiently up the damn fees. The other pisser is that some INS offices aren't swampped and you can get your application processed in 3-5 months like my brother's wife in Minnesota did. My wife and I went through hell to come here legally. People who didn't follow the process shouldn't be here.

The other thing is that taking in other country's best and brightest leaves those countries even more F'd up. You want to help Mexico. Make them stay there and fix their own country. A friend works in construction adn has been doing it for almost 30 years. He recently told me that he fondly remembers when only the hard workers snuck in.

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