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Complete upper assembly.

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Do we have a tutorial on AR upper assembly somewhere? There's a lower assembly in the library, but I saw nothing on uppers.
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I used this one to build my 1st AR some time back.

AR-15 Builder - Build and Customize your own AR15 | Brownells

Down on the bottm there are some links,one is Instructional Videos.
Click on that,a window will pop up with several pictures that are catagorized,pick
the component of interest and a video will start.
Very informative,and easy to understand.
Thanks Zee. Walt Kuleck wrote an exellent book called 'The AR15 Complete Assemby Guide' with Clint McKee. I recently bought a copy and it's full of useful info and lots of extra tips that make things a little less tedious. Thanks Walt, great job.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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