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Aussie (muslim) cleric 'had jihad notebook' ^ | November 24, 2004 |

A LEADING Islamic cleric was discovered returning to Sydney with a 150-page notebook on tactics for warfare, intelligence and martyrdom, a court has been told.

Denies any wrongdoing... Mansour Leghaei

ASIO translated Mansour Leghaei's notebook, which focuses on "infiltration, deception tactics, martyrdom and the euphoria of fighting a jihad outside one's borders".

Details of the notebook are contained in documents lodged in a Federal Court case brought by Sheik Leghaei to stop his deportation.

ASIO has twice assessed Sheik Leghaei, who runs an education centre and charity in suburban Sydney, as a risk to national security, leading to multiple visa cancellations.

Questioned about spying

ASIO has interviewed the Iranian-born Shi'ite cleric at least three times since he arrived in Australia with his wife and children in 1994. During one interview, officers repeatedly asked him if he had spied on Iranian dissidents, students or opposition groups in Australia for the Iranian Government or its embassy.

They also asked if he had met members of the Iranian Intelligence Service and about his knowledge of terrorist group Ahlul-Bait.

Sheik Leghaei denied any wrongdoing. His counsel has told the court the cleric was treated unfairly during those interviews because ASIO refused to explain why it was questioning him.

Peter Hanks QC argued that the court should quash ASIO's 2004 assessment against Sheik Leghaei or declare it void because of this lack of procedural fairness.

One section of the notebook, which customs officers photocopied after discovering it in his luggage at Sydney airport in 1996, asks: "With whom should a holy war be fought?

"The enemies of Islam are to be categorised under three headings: 1, the infidels who do not accept the Koran as the Book of Heaven. 2, the oppressive and the unjust and whoever takes up arms against the Prophet. 3, heathens living in the Islamic countries who have broken the agreement to pay tribute to the Muslims."

'University notes'

Sheik Leghaei says in his affidavit that the notebook contains his handwritten notes from a textbook he read while a university student in Iran.

The notebook relates to the former Iraqi regime's invasion of Iran, he says. And ASIO's translation from Farsi and Arabic into English was "seriously flawed".

The hearing in Canberra was adjourned yesterday to give ASIO and the Department of Immigration more time to file further evidence.

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Cephus said:
Now you guys know you can't knock a guys religion ,
You are right Cephus unless he is a Christian, then they would call him a terrorist and lock him up immediately. I know this was in Australia and not the U.S., but here the press has no problem labeling Christians as fundamentalist radical extremest and at the same time an extremist Muslim murderer as "insurgents". Not too absurd?

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we must be more tolerant, remember, Islam is a religion of peace.........:sick:

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Convert em or killem thus sayeth the prophet , piss be upon him.
I worked around a bunch of black muslims several years ago and they were always muttering some crap like that, I stayed as a fly on the wall and from all I heard , they are just a nudge and a dollar away from joining the jihad.
I remember a couple of years or less ago when the black panthers showed up at some courthouse in texas armed with ar 15's and AK's and somehow got airtime on tv while they were there. I still don't know what the heck that was all about.
But I know for sure if it were christians with guns who showed up demanding the medias presence they would have been labled "fundimentalist militants" and been carted off in bags.
And we are supposed to be tolerant of this kind of crap?
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