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Delta 6 inch bench grinder for $19.99

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It says it's not avalaible now, but one of my good friends bought me one and gave to me at my surprise party just 5 days ago.

They might still have the special in stores.

It's not a piece of junk at all, infact it's quite nice for $20 and very smooth too.

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I was in Lowe's last Saturday (as it seems I am every Saturday, but that's another story) anyway I always take a walk through the tool crib.
That grinder caught my eye. I was thinking at the time, that it was a damn nice little grinder for the money, and I was a little ticked because I paid 3x the money for mine. (different brand, but very similar)

I did pick up a very nice set of Nicholson files.
I already had a set of full size and a set of jewelers files, but these fill the gap between them very nicely.

I found many times when building receivers, that I ran into places where a full size file would not fit, and because of their small size and very fine cut, a jewelers file took forever to do the job.

These are not that much bigger than the jewelers files, so they fit almost everywhere, but their cutting capability's are far superior.

Six files with handles for $20, I was all over them.


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