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Destroy Rifle?

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I have a C&R, but I have a question that I really don't know the answer to. If I purchased a rifle for parts, & have no further use for it, can I destroy it & note same in my log book, or how do I get rid of it?

Thanks for any info you could provide:
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I don't see where that should be a problem
Destroy Rifle

I don't see where that should be a problem
I am not an expert on this but I know folks who have given the firearm to the local Police Dept. and have them document that it is to be destroyed so you can take it off your books. One fellow even gave the local Sheriff a licensed fully automatic AR-16 for their use in law enforcement.
seems a shame to destroy any rifle.... why not keep it for a rainy day? jmho
Why destroy it? If you have parted it out and still have the receiver, why not sell the receiver? If you have stripped it and rendered it un-usable, I'd make a note to that effect in your book. Then, when you sell the receiver just note that you sold the receiver not a complete gun. In a sense, there is no legal distinction between a receiver and a 'gun', but there is no reason to not make note of it. Likewise, just because you took all the parts off it doesn't mean that no one else needs what's left. Just put it on gunbroker. No listing fee unless it sells.
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