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Disaster contingency plan desktop join in - stage 1

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How does your disaster contingency plan stackup to an emergency? Here is a scenario game to help you figure out what you have forgotten or need more help with.

In stage 1 answer the questions with what your plan would be in this type of an emergency. Every day I will post more information to help you decide on your next course of action.

Stage 1:
Sunday (date un-important) 1:pm a massive earthquake hits you town. Your structure moves and cracks with the quake. Debris falls from the walls, cupboards, and ceiling.

Things you know:
1) 1 member of your family is serious hurt and bleeding from their head.
What do you do?
What are your skills to help this person?
Do you have the supplies to help this person?
What is your plan to help this person?

2) Your power is off
3) Your structure seems unstable
What do yo do?
What is your plan

4) You look outside and there is water from your street shooting up 50ft in the air.

For now this is what you know in the first 30 minutes after the quake.

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Shit a earth quake in Phoenix ohh man thats bad ok Ill play

ok first the head injury I would use my EMT basic skills and see if it's just a realy bad cut of if there is a skull fracture or concusion if it's just a bad cut (needing stitchs) I would head to the hosptal, same for skull fracture and concusion if the hosptal is falling down, I'll pretend it is. I would be making a road trip up to a city 20 min north of phx and try there if not I heading to some doc I know I would call first to see where they were. I'f it's minor I would patch it up at home with my med bag

ok whats next oh my house is falling apart, ok I would get my kids outside and keep them away from the house I would get my camping box/supplys out of my shed and I would camp in my back yard till I figure out how bad everything in the city is

no water no power no problem I have a 20,000 gal pool I would just distill it/ and boil the water to get it drinkable my 4x4 is out in the driveway away from the house so I don't think it would be damage so I would still be moble but my wife's car well we just just let the insurence compeny handle that as well as the house my bro-inlaw is like one of my best buds we would fall back to his place (2 miles away) then convoy out of town to a place high up in the mountains that my inlaws own if things get real real bad in the city
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Stage 2

Here is more information:
3 hours after event:
Lets assume that you have a battery operated radio and you are able to get the local channels. Here is the following report you hear:

The earthquake hit the nearest city center to you. It was an 8.2 magitude. Reports of massive casualties estimates are about 30% of the local population killed and 10-15% missing. (if you are in a town of 50K thats 15k dead, 100k town thats 30k dead, etc).

The news also reports that all bridges and overpasses have collapsed. All major freeways and evacuation points out of the cities are blocked with debris or traffic.
Major road ways have buckled and water, underground power lines and gas lines have broken and are spraying into some streets.

60% of all hospitals have sustainded major damage and have closed their doors.

Police departments are reporting 40% offices have reported to work
Fire departments only have 50% of its personel and equipment.

Fires are burning out of control all around the city and in the oulying areas.

Local leaders are telling people to stay in their homes or on their property and to not venture out into the streets or try to leave the city.

Phone lines are also down but some spot cellular is still working.

What are your next steps?
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What are your next steps?
Watch for the helicopter vultures from CNN and Fox who are trying to turn a profit from my misfortune, and wait for them to come into range.

If you're not here to help, stay the hell away.
Don't forget to shut off the gas main so you have a place to stay while your loved one recovers or bleeds out from the headwound! Hospitals would definitely be full, but atleast they have their own backup power. My first aid skills are lacking so 'if' I could get the bleeding stopped I'd keep them awake for 24 hours in case of a concussion which probably wouldn't be hard while I figured out the next course of action. Maybe secure more gasoline and fresh food if possible. Have swimming pool for water. Food storage hopefully intact. Bunker... hopefully intact. Check on neighbors just came to mind. Maybe set up temporary neighborhood security force. Can't go anywhere easily per your road scenario (everyone will be heading to the mountains - That's the first thing anyone ever says they'll do in an emergency situation!) . Looks like it's time to hunker in the bunker!!! The only thing that really bothers me now is the gas spewing from the broken lines. That could be really bad, especially if the bunker seal and/or air filtration system was damaged in the quake! NEXT...
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