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DIY LoCap AK-74 Mags (w/pics)

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I needed some short mags for shooting off the bench, so I made some.

It's real easy and nothing has to be perfect. Have fun!

First, take a cheap, "sanitized" mag and remove the floorplate and spring assembly.

Mark where the body has to be cut.

You'll need to keep the bottom section, so cut about 7/16" from the bottom. Tape can be used as a guide. Cut as straight as possible, but it doesn't have to be perfect. Since there are aluminum reinforcements molded in, a hacksaw is suggested for the cutting.

This particular mag holds 11 rounds, so a cut was made just below the 5th rib, located next to the second "dimple" on the front of the mag.

After the cuts are made, the top and bottom sections can be trued-up with a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface. Try to keep the sections level and square. Test fit the two parts together. The idea is to avoid any gapping. The better the fit, the better the bond.

Note: Use the liquid, not the gel. (Don't ask.) :grumble:

When you are satisfied with the fit, remove any traces of oil from the contact surfaces with a good degreaser, such as acetone, lacquer thinner or something similar. Apply a thin bead of super glue to both halves. The front edges of the mag should be lined up. Be sure to get good alignment when the parts are pressed together, the bond will be very quick and you might not get a second chance.

After the parts are bonded, the excess glue can be sanded from the inner and outer surfaces and the rear "ledge" can be blended in.

When the sanding is complete, the outside can be painted with flat black BBQ paint, for a color match that is about perfect.

Next is the spring. Remove the bottom spring guide and count nine coils from the bottom.

Cut the coil at the black mark shown. You can use a Dremel with a cutoff wheel or a pair of heavy-duty side cutters. Be sure to square up the cut end and bend the last coil to match the original spring.

Reinstall the spring guide and it should look like this:

Install the shortened spring assembly into the completed mag body and slide on the floorplate. You're done!

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Hmm this would work for absurdly high capacity mags that could double as a monopod hehe but seriously great thread I might have to try it myself
Looks good! I think the guys that made the 45-round mags a few years ago did something similar but used bondo? I never did follow all those threads but I think there are several ways to skin that cat :)
Make them as ten rounders and you could make some money selling them to folks behind enemy lines!
Make them as ten rounders and you could make some money selling them to folks behind enemy lines!
Yes! Like ME!!!!!
So only glue will hold these together enough to overcome the spring pressure and dropping them on a sold object. WOW.. that is some good glue.. I just bought some 5 rounders on sale from Kvar for $7 bucks it seems like it may be a cheaper rout to buy from kvar than to make from a hi cap. mag as the cheapest Hi cap is about $9.99 if you buy in bulk.. but that is a cool project..regardless... B2B
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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