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Here in the Southwest we have a REAL problem with illegal immigrants. While I think we all have sympathy for a poor person crossing the border to try to feed his family, more and more the illegal immigrants crossing over from South of the Border are committing crimes, starting and joining gangs, etc.

The President won't close the borders, and in fact has proposed a sort of amnesty program.

One organization, , purports to be a "citizen's watch group" dedicated to addressing the problem of our porous Southern Border.

First off, I am a little bit reluctant to have anything to do with an organization that the Liberal media can paint out to be a militia or a "bunch of ******** with guns," and I damn sure do not want to have anything to do with a criminal or terrorist organization. I am only interested in affiliating with a law-abiding border watch group. Has anyone ever had any relations with Ranch Rescue? They had two or three write-ups in Soldier of Fortune, but I am curious to see if their is any underground info available about them.
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