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DoveTail Rear Sight question.

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hello, had to replace a broken rear sight on a Ruger 10/22. poped the old one off easy enough. put the new one on, also easy enough. BUT, the new one moves in the barrel TOO easy. do I just ceter it and peen it in place or what? Thanks, Tom.
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Dovetail sights are traditionally removed left to right and installed right to left, as viewed from normally shouldering the gun. What you need to do is raise some metal on the "floor" of the dovetail with a centerpunch. Make 3 equally spaced punch marks across the dovetail, angling slightly so the displaced metal moves from the dent to the right side of the dovetail. When you tap in the sight from right to left, it will "wipe" any excess metal back into the dent that way. A drop of red loctite under the sight will also help retain it. If using loctite, wait to install until you can sight it in as the Ruger is drift adjustable for windage and you want it dead on before the loctite sets up.
thank you, thats what I ended up doing and it worked out fine.
Thanks Kernel, that is truely priceless information if you want professional results.
I'm sure many 'gunsmiths' would just stake it from the top with a punch and touch it up w/ blue.
or worse

Here's a Colt that my buddy had night sights put on about 20 years ago.
The gunsmith was a good guy and he didn't charge much but this is the quality of work he was putting out. I assume it's Super Glue.
pics of dovetail
The bad pics look better than the actual piece. The glue oozed out and ran down the side.


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