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DPMS 10k round torture test video

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[video=youtube;bHNvUPjIOzY]"]YouTube - DPMS Mark 12 Torture Test[/video]

this is a torture test of the DPMS MK12 ar-15 rifle.

since i can't download video worth a hoot on my 24k dial-up. let me know how it turns out!:nanabang:
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It was kinda corny, to tell the truth. More of an entertainment piece than a test documentary.

I don't doubt they put 10k rounds through it, though!
did it star the three stooges?--LOL!
Basically, it was a vid of a magazine editor and an older guy. The older guy (OG) is anxious to put the 10k rounds through the rifle after the two talked up DPMS quality and reliability.

The editor then left, saying he had a lot of work to do. You watch the OG put 60 or so rounds through the DPMS, then it cuts to the editor playing solitaire. Another shot of the OG at about 3k rounds, then cut to the editor playing poker. It goes back and forth a few times, with the OG shooting into the night.

It ends with the editor arriving just as 10k rounds are spent, then the editor asks the OG to test it for accuracy. The OG is tired, and says he'll need a bit of rest first.

Like I said, kinda corny :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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