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Dpms or Armalite?

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Looking to get a stripped lower. Both are for $200.

What are the recommendations, DPMS or Armalite?
I like the finish on the dpms, but the armalite is the original.

Anyone know off hand what kind of magazines these take? I've heard some only use sr-25 mags and not standard. Thanks a lot guys.
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DPMS or someon who makes a DPMS compatable. You can use Magpul mags in them and they are sweet and cheap at about 18-19 dollars each. I am in the process of building one on a Tactical machining based 80% lower. They also sell full lowers for 200 and they are very nice.

Lower Receivers & Lower Receiver Parts | Tactical Machining
i would probably go with DPMS on a build. mainly because there are a number of places to buy DPMS LR-308 parts from. and there are plenty of mags for the DPMS to be had to boot.
The only thing original about Armalite AR10 is the name. The Reese(?) family owns the Trademark name for Armalite, Springfield among others. IMO your better off money wize buying a turnkey DPMS and configuring it the way you want and selling off what you replace or use for another build. It can be cost effective to build an parts AR15 clone but doing a AR10 style cost much more than the total than a turnkey rifle. Check out RGuns on the net. The #1 recommended change is the trigger group. What do you want or expect in a AR10 rifle?
Thanks a lot.

I'm looking to build a tack driver. I live near Noveske so I'm planning on buying locally and getting one of their uppers.
I thought Noveske uses the armalite pattern so ASK before you buy rec's and barrels because they are not interchangeable
I thought Noveske uses the armalite pattern so ASK before you buy rec's and barrels because they are not interchangeable
this is good advice!

the ar-10 size "large" guns are not like the ar-15 types so you pretty much are locked into a brand on most parts. parts from other brands won't mix well i have been told.
Back when I had several Armalites, they all had reliability problems because of the BHO pin in the follower. DPMS.
After saving enough money I am about to order a couple lowers.
At first I was going to get an armalite simply becuase I could use a noveske upper. However a drawback I've come across is that buying magazines for them is like asking for a wallet rape.

So my question is, can a DPMS take an SR-25 upper?

Thanks a lot.
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