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drawings 1919a4 parts

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does any body know were i can get thread dimension drawings for the barrel booster and barrel jacket and any other blue prints and or parts drawings for 1919a4 please email me with response thanks
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prety much everything you need to know about the 1919..
OH HAY I have to ask.... are you intrested in a linker? it is the only one that I know of thet will do 3006, 308, and 8mm. not to mention it is the least expensive one I have ever seen. I just have to sell myself.. HAHA let me know if intrested.
maby this is a place to mention , I make the only linking press that will do 308. 3006, and 8mm. all on the same press, as far as I know mine is the only one. now the best part, it is also the least expensive linker anyware too, now is that, hard to beat or just unbeatable.
If this was not the place to mention it sorry
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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