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Dumb Welding Question???

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When a company states that the welder can weld "up to" 3/16" steel, does this mean that is the thickest metal that you could weld or does that mean that 3/16" is the maximum penetration of the weld? I have been tack welding (edge welding) several pieces of 1 1 /4" cold rolled steel together . I know that I am only scratching the surface with my little wire feed welder, but it seems to hold.
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gtbehary, I am still new to the whole welding game, but I was under the impression that it meant you could weld up to 3/16'' steel. I also had some similar rating on my MIG welder. To get to that higher thickness of steel you would probably want to use a thicker wire. Mine could be adjusted to use 2 different sizes by flipping a roller that the wire fed over to a bigger channel. I'm sure the thicker the tack you put on the metal the more it can hold. It just requires staying in one spot a little longer or increaseing the wire speed and moving slower.
hotbarrel said:
sorry to keep going on BUT this is important life and death important !!!!!! DO NOT EVER FOR ANY REASON WELD GALIVNISED NEVER NEVER EVER!!!!!!!! If you have a part that is galvy and it has to be done grind back a few inches on each side to remove all traces of the galvy weld it outside and think about the wind to blow fumes away from you if you do not have a force vented booth. If you do accidently weld galvy you will see white smoke and or white floaties in the air. YES ONE BREATH OF THIS STUFF HAS THE POTENTIAL TO KILL YOU !!!!!! As in dead !!!!! anytime you inhale even tiny amounts it will be in your casket after you are dust.. I just thought this was critical info for new welders, you do not want to find out the hard way. AGAIN happy welding

I hope not, cause the piece I used to practice my rivet heads on was galvanized. I'm pretty sure it was. I will double check the sticker when I get home. It was a very small piece of angle iron looking stuff that I drilled holes in and filled and then did my rivet head. It was a chalky white type of metal??

Ohhh, and I DO REMEMBER SEEING A BIG WHITE SPOT WHILE I WAS WELDING!! But, it was from accidentally looking at the spark just before my helmet fell over my eyes. :lol: I sure hope that stuff wasn't galvanized.
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