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Okay, I'm having a little problem with one of my builds. I've been ignoring it for awhile while I worked out other small issues, but now it's the only thing that remains.

When it ejects, the spent casing hits the lower lip of the ejection port, making it fly straight up (and sometimes around and over my head in the opposite direction). At the beginning it was really bad, so I changed the ejector out. It's much better now - but it still hits just a little. I'm thinking a little filing of the ejector tip may solve the problem.

Does anyone have an idea on the best angle/spot on the ejector tip I can work on to get the spent casing to eject just a hair higher? Yeah I know, it helps to lower my ejection port, but for now a few new ejectors are still cheaper and if that will solve the problem I'll be happy. Thanks guys...

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