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end mill (4 flute coated ball end)

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Hey, a buddy I was talking to about drilling some stock I was going to use to build a trigger jig gave me a end mill. I knew that using the drill bit wasnt going to create a nice "round" head, but was willing to give it a try. Anyways, this looks exactly like what I was looking for, I dont own a mill though, I build the jig out of some 3/8 cold roll steel bars, and have center punched the layout just about perfectly. Could someone tell me if I should be starting the holes with a drill bit, or just use the end mill, keep in mind I only have a drill press, but its a 16 speed and I can go up to 3100 RPM. I think green machine sells these, but since I didnt buy it from him I figured he didnt owe me a how:to, my buddy took off on a fishing trip down into mexico before I could ask, he knew I didnt have a mill, so I'm pretty sure it will work with the drill press. I know that the 2 flutes do a better job of digging into material, but from what I have read, the 4 flutes can just about do what the 2 flutes can (but not vice versa). They are ALTin coated carbide tips, any info guys on the best way to do this.
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Hello jnicita,
I would start the pocket using a small center drill. Then use the ball endmill at very low RPM's to shape the cavity into a nice rounded pocket.. Hold the work in a drill vise. A mill bit in a drillpress will want to hop and chatter around making a wreck so take care, go slow, and practice on some scrap first.

yea clamp it down tight and go slow it will work.
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