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Experimentation complete..mostly.

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So i took a yugo milled front, destroyed the trunnion through trial and error, got a Romy trunnion on GB for $20, put the barrel assy in the trunnion, and put the rest together on a tapco flat with tapco guts (fcg), and a Romy 65 underfolder and trunnion. All said and done, total cost was just shy of $190. Still need to ram the barrel pin in, put a few more screws in it, but with a little grinding and tweaking, i got it all together. need to do some minor filing and pinging here and there, but all moving parts seem to be in good working order so far. Ill let everyone know how it shoots. Or my spouse will post my funeral arrangement info on here, depending on how it goes :hatprop:

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I went the reweld route with my apex front end. Nice build, thought about making mine stamped, but being that I have no sheetmetal experience I figured I'd just make it milled...

My rear sight leaf was bent like yours is, I just took it out and flattened it with a hammer and an anvil. I figure that it'll at least be closer to right.
whats the screw above the mag well dimples?
whats the screw above the mag well dimples?

Holding the lower rails, since i dont have a spot welder.
Creative, innovative, nice work. :cheers:
Nice job, I like it
Just took this fella and the other G out today for a test run.. After avoiding several park rangers and other government official types, finally got to put a few rounds downrange. Romy G was sweeeeet. Fed, fired, ejected great. The Yugo/Romy mix would hand feed fine, shoot great, then jam the next round into the trunnion. think I might need to either do some work on the rails, or just try a bullet guide.

I got a few videos on my buddies camera, once he sends em to me ill put em up.

Again, wouldn't have been able to do any of this without the vast amount of tutorials, guides, and troubleshooting help from everyone here! Thanks again to everyone!
Very cool. You just opened some ideas up for me.
I have the back half of what I need for a romy kit and the front half of what I need for a yugo build. I was wondering how much I would need to spend to complete one of these. Now looks like I can just combine them. This is very cool. I need about $40 worth of parts to finish.
Thanks for the post!!!
Was it jamming the round or was the bolt jamming against the round?

Doesn't yours have a bullet guide?
I would say the bolt was jamming against the round? It would fire, eject the spent shell, then come back and stop. couldve been hitting the magazine, but when it would jam, id just rack it back and let it go, and itd go forward with a fresh round, no problem, pull the trigger, boom, spent casing goes flaying, bolt carrier stops on new round. repeat. ill have to look at where the mag was sitting maybe too.
It sounds like the bolt isn't going back far enogh to get behind the next round?
I know it's a pain, but I'd pull the hammer and put the bolt carrier in without the spring and see if it hangs up anywhere.
That's the first thing I can think of.

I was going to say check the mag to see if the back of it is to low, but you can hand cycle it.
thats what ive been thinking now that ive been playing with it. the hammer does press up on the carrier pretty good when it slides over it. maybe have to file down the strike face of the hammer a bit?

Heres a link to the vid of me shooting. looks like you might be right Coils, I dont think the bolts going back far enough.

[video=youtube;-l-OahXV7PE]]YouTube - MOV01178.MPG[/video]
Coils is correct is my guess also. I have had that happen even on 100% receivers.
Hammer riding high and it sticks.
Take your top cover off. Be sure the weapon is empty. Cycle the weapon slowly and look too see where it is hanging.
Smooth out the hammer face a little bit at a time. If you take too much off it wont grab on the rear connector grabber thing a dinga. What ever the heck yah call it. :) Senior moment here.
Your weapon is looking good. Your almost there.
Some hammers I just had to polish with steel wool and it solved the sticking problem.
Others I had to go through 5 or 6 hammers to find one the AK liked.
Creative idea you have there. With a lot of Yugo front ends on the market, a guy was selling them at a gun show using the same build concept you have there.
Add: Tough to see from your video. But your bolt looks like it is coming forward and sticking just behind the next feed. Your receiver might be tight there and have to be opened up a bit.
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Is the gas port partially clogged? Sure sounds like a short, low gas stroke, not like a full power stroke with something hitting and keeping the bolt carrier from full travel.
The gas port thing was next on my list, but I'd still take the hammer out first and check to see if the carrier drags on the receiver first.

the hammer does press up on the carrier pretty good when it slides over it. maybe have to file down the strike face of the hammer a bit?
It is ment to have the hammer push up against the bolt, so make sure that is a problem before removing metal.
Think i may have got it. Was playing with a different magazine, and no more problem. The lip of the magazine was causing the bolt to get stuck. the other magazine has no problem. Also, the rear of the receiver was a little narrow, so i widened it a bit, so far all is well. Ill update after next shoot.
Ok.. put the original yugo bolt/carrier back in it, took it out shooting. Went good for about 4 or 5 rounds, then double fed. eject mag, cycle, drop two live rounds, re insert mag, cycle, bang x3 then double feed. repeated until mag was spent. Might just have a few beers, grab the sawzall and begin a pistol build. >:-\
Double feed jam?
Sounds to me like the mag isn't seated far enough up (I have had this issue before on one of my builds).
File a tad off the magwell right in front of the mag catch to allow the magazine to rotate far enough upward (at the rear) . The feed lips of the magazine should sit right against the bottom of the interior rails.
I had this issue using a Tapco flat, and even had to take a tad off the selector stop in the same location.
Let us know how it goes.
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