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Eyes Wrong for Shooting

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I'm getting ready to turn the big Four-Oh this year. For those of you twenty-five or less, this is OLD.

I was just reflecting on changes to people's eyesight as they get older. My dad is around 70 and can't see iron sights anymore. He HAS to have an optic.

I can see and use iron sights on my Bulgarian SA M7 Carbine just fine, but I do notice that really, really fine crosshairs on a scope are "uncomfortable" to use, although I can see them just fine.

What changes am I looking forward to? Should I be careful how much I invest in any iron-sighted rifle that won't take a scope? I consider my AK collection complete now except for whatever comes out after the ban expires.

I'm wondering if it's even smart to spend nearly $1,000 on a scope with a Mil-Dot reticle if I'll have to replace it in ten years with one that has a more visible reticle, like a heavy duplex.

I wonder if this is a big reason why all the older gentlemen in our shooting club stick to handguns and don't mess with rifles, optically sighted or not, anymore?

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good question. Not sure what to tell you, but one thing i do notice is that when I go shooting with my dad that he usually outshoots me with my own guns, lol. He still primarily uses iron sights. With vision some have a worse time of it than others but everyone's vision detiorates somewhat with age. I am trying to remember the term doctor's use for it.
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