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Eyes Wrong for Shooting

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I'm getting ready to turn the big Four-Oh this year. For those of you twenty-five or less, this is OLD.

I was just reflecting on changes to people's eyesight as they get older. My dad is around 70 and can't see iron sights anymore. He HAS to have an optic.

I can see and use iron sights on my Bulgarian SA M7 Carbine just fine, but I do notice that really, really fine crosshairs on a scope are "uncomfortable" to use, although I can see them just fine.

What changes am I looking forward to? Should I be careful how much I invest in any iron-sighted rifle that won't take a scope? I consider my AK collection complete now except for whatever comes out after the ban expires.

I'm wondering if it's even smart to spend nearly $1,000 on a scope with a Mil-Dot reticle if I'll have to replace it in ten years with one that has a more visible reticle, like a heavy duplex.

I wonder if this is a big reason why all the older gentlemen in our shooting club stick to handguns and don't mess with rifles, optically sighted or not, anymore?

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Major PITA,
Not to worry there is life after 40. I am 57 and my eyesight went from better than 20/15 to 20/25 corrected. I am still shooting iron sights and still doing pretty darn well. You just need to see a good optimist. I shoot Hi-power rifle competition and am classified as a hi-master. I just finished shooting today an iron sight match at 600 yds with a score of 197 out of a possible 200 points in some pretty tricky wind conditions. With the right eye prescription you won't have any issues. As far as the scope, just buy the one you want as it will still be just as good in the future as it is today unless you encounter an eye disease.
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