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Fastest ever censorship?

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Newsmax, lasted @ 20 seconds, mirrored @


pass it on and keep it QUIET

Mods: Please LOCK
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I have copied, will work on making it available, Mon? Folks: You have NO IDEA
, 1984 is here! Mycomputer skills abominable, barely e-mail in/out level.

Save seed, acquire seed, cold, early, short season, store food. think there's enough copper/ect here abouts.

Katla volcano, E+++ SPIT++ , sister, also Laka? anyways, katla, very recent, 4 small earthquakes, hard to find, waking up? Last time 1918, winter of 1919, My AO, grandparents told of menfolk going north to cut winter wood in the camps, across 6" black ice, in horse sleds, the day after thanksgiving. Maine, Washington County, Gardners lake and 2nd Gardners, the path. Still Virgin timber then. worst winters, 1816 (1800 and froze to death) only one corn variety survived, 1858, story, forget author details, about long cold winter, revolutionary war, plus French Revolution, all related to immediate volcano eruptions.

YOU NEED: FOOD, SEED, short season, cold varieties, storage varieties, and space to plant. Canning jars helpful, wood stoves recommended, esp. kitchen wood stove, varieties that also can provide hot water.

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When you post, please type comprehensibly, it really helps to be able to be understood.
another mirror

Another mirror, under Comm. of corr. top of page, The tree of liberty. com site,
05/20/2010, 1025pm, S. T ak...

COPY FAST, this will disappear very soon after this post!

1984 is real Still active as of this posting... 1722 EST
Looks like more of the same old talk to me...I want to see some ACTION!
Looks like more of the same old talk to me...I want to see some ACTION!
Hah, F' that!

Long story short, talk is all you'll get, maybe followed by slow change. Nobody has a reason to take up arms. Doing that effectively ends your life, if you think about it. People aren't close to having nothing left to live for, and it is getting further and further from that point as time goes on. Revolutions don't happen any more, or at least not in 1st world countries. People's lives are worth much more to them than just about anything the gov't can do.

tl;dr: Nothing's gonna happen, we're all paranoid, etc...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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