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I wasn't really into the C&R stuff until I learned about a club here that runs old service rifle matches. The rifle has to have been made before 1960 and sniper, modified and look-a-likes cannot be used. It has to be in original condition (no mods) as issued, you can refinish and restock but that's about it. All rifles are inspected to make sure no sneaks in a ringer. Also you have to shoot FMJ ammo (handloads are ok) which adds to the fun. You can re-enter as many times with as many different weapons you want (within time limits). So I shoot the 03A3, then Enfield No4MK1*, then Mauser K98k. It's a real hoot. Especially in rapid fire. Working that bolt to shoot 10 rounds in 60 seconds (30 sec for another match) is just plain cool.

There are two courses of fire (all at 100 yds), the President Match (use SR1 reduced target) 10 shots standing(slow fire), 10 shots sitting rapid (60 sec), 10 rounds prone rapid (70 sec) and 10 rounds prone (slow fire).

The Infantry Match (100 yds), 2 targets, 300 meter (reduced shoulder/head) and 150 meter (reduced full torso/head). The 300 meter target is fired in prone and sitting, the 150 meter target is fired in kneeling and standing. Total time for each target is 30 sec for 10 rounds.......the M1 guys have a real advantage on this

To keep things fun and even you have different classes like US bolt action, foreign service and so-on. You can only win in one category so you don't have it were a really good shooter wins everything.

It's just a whole lot of fun, just wish that they held the match more than once a year.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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