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I have two:

A traveling salesman breaks down in the middle of nowhere. After walking several miles to a lone farmhouse in the rain, he knocks on the door.

The farmer comes to the door. The salesman, soaking wet, says, "I broke down several miles away. I'd really appreciate it if I could stay here tonight."

The farmer says, "Okay, but you'll have to sleep with my son."

The salesman replies, "Oh Sh*t! I'm in the wrong joke!"


Two explorers are trudging through the Amazon jungle. Suddenly, a tribe of natives descends upon them with spears. The natives tie them up and take them back to their village.

As the two explorers are tied to poles in front of the entire tribe, they begin wondering if they are going to get out alive.

The chief goes up to the first explorer and says, "You were on our sacred ground. Our tribal law requires that we give you a choice in punishment. So I ask you to choose: Death, or Gumi-Gumi ?"

The first explorer, reasoning that the other choice is death, decides that gumi-gumi can't be all that bad.

"I choose gumi-gumi ," he says.

"Very well," the chief replies, "Gumi-gumi it shall be."

So the men in the tribe untie the first explorer, take him behind the huts, and proceed to sodomize him for hours.

As the first explorer, barely able to walk, limps back to the front of the camp, the chief goes up to the second explorer.

"What is your choice," the chief roars, "Death or gumi-gumi ?"

Looking at his friend, the second explorer stammers, "Ah....uh....I'll...take...death!"

"Very well, then," the chief grins, "Death it shall be! Death by gumi-gumi !"

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