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Finished my AK74 build

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Finally finished my new Bulgarian 74 build. Built it on an ACE blank with tapco fcg and US plum pistol grip from kvar.
Here are a couple of pics


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Winn thanks.
Actually a little confusion there on my part. I bought the plum kit from gunthings. com awhile back. Got the pistol grip and other assorted parts (rear trunnion, rivits) from kvar. I think kvar is like gun things in that it comes with only the orginal parts. Mine had one of the orangeish colored grips.
I just received a 74S with the folding stock from rapid fire in ohio. These things are multiplying like rabbits. :naughty:
Winn R said:
An addiction is a terrible thing to waste.

I believe in using them wisely. And unlike booze, drugs, sex, or food; we've got something afterwards.

The rail welds finished nicely. Do I just not see the spring?
Yeah I figure I could waste my money on other things and not have anything to show for it so this is as good as any. :ak47:

The recoil spring? Yes it's in there just hard to see at the angle. I need to take some better pics of it. Espically before I take it out and get it all dirty.
ChrisAKG said:
I'm collecting the parts and kits to help put these babies together, I just hope I have half of your skill, sir. I tip my hat to you.
Thank you but I do owe some of it to these fourms. If I had never started reading th ebuild it yourself fourm I would never have known you could build your own firearms. With all the knoweldge available from the great people willing to share their experinces it makes it much easier to finish a project.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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