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Finished my personalized conversion

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Well, I was able to get the last couple of pieces for my saiga today. I really like the way it's turned out, and I definitely like the way it shoots.
I have a t-6 stock on it. (I like it because it's adjustable, and I shoot all year round with shirts, jackets, coats, etc...). I also put an Accu-Riser cheek rest on the T-6 stock. It's a generic one, but it holds steady with a velco strap. Couldn't really find one specifically for the T-6 style stocks. I have a UTG quad rail on it. (Little heavier than the plastics, but I also wanted it for heat dissipation). I put a reflex site on the top of the quad rail. (Not the best brand out there, only about $70, but I got to try it first and it was always clear and bright and my eye followed it nicely). I also put a laser on the bottom of the rail. (Again, not the most expensive, $60, but it's an Osprey, and I've used them before. They hold up to recoil and don't drift). I also put a tapco t-handle on the bottom rail. Part for looks and part because of the weight I put on the front of the rifle with the handguard, sight, and laser. But it's very comfortable to shoot with it. Finally, I have my AR/Saiga .223 magazine adapter by Renegadebuck, via a friend who sold me his because he had other plans. Pretty easy to get the adapter in. I've had the adapter for a little while, and have shot about 200 rounds through it and it works great. I took the rig out, as you see pictured, today and put about 3 boxes of ammo through it before the rains came. Totally enjoyed myself. Every shot was great. No jams with the adapter. I could keep my eye on the reflex sight and not even flinch after each shot. Follow up shot was already on target. Basically no recoil. (Probably all that weight I have on the front. LOL!!!!). Anyway, it's the way I wanted this gun, and I'm happy with it.

And before anyone asks WHY I didn't do a complete conversion, by getting a new trigger and moving it forward, let me explain that now and save you the time asking. I've owned many AK's and AK variants over the years. And in time, I've sold every one of them. Not that I don't like AK's, just that they never fit me right. I'm not a huge guy, but I'm pretty big. The one thing I REALLY DID NOT LIKE about any of the AK's I've had, was that the distance between the trigger assembly and the forehand grip was "TOO CLOSE". I really didn't like it. And even though I'd sell one, months/years later, I'd want another, and the cycle continued. I started hearing and looking into the saigas over the last year. The one thing I liked about it was I could get a .223 mode. "I had a galoni, but didn't like it either". Well, a local shop got a .223 Saiga in, so I took a look at it. Something felt different, but good. I grabbed a regular AK romanian on the shelf and compared the two. I then realized the trigger on the saiga was further back. I thought it was the regular rifle stock that was confusing me. But it was the trigger was further back. I REALLY LIKED how it felt. Plus, the trigger was smooth and tight. No slop or slack in it whatsoever. As far as trigger pull, I've never measured it, but it feels about as smooth as my 7mm mag and 300 mag hunting rifles. I totally love the trigger on the saiga. And there is nothing that would make me want to change it out. The fact that it is further apart, is probably the ONLY reason I spent my money and took another chance on an AK variant. If it was up forward, I probably would have passed on the rifle.

Anyway, I'm happy with it. Probably a little too much on the gun, but there's nothing on it that can't be taken off in just a couple of minutes. Prior to the UTG forearm grip, I used the original and had a scope mount that had the reflex and laser on. I still have all this so I can re-convert it any way I want to. But for now, it's the way I like. I really can't think of anything else I can do to it. I can use AR or Saiga magazines. It's really accurate at 100 yards. (Hit grapefruit area with no magnification sight). Little to no recoil. And i got .223 which I wanted. All is good.
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