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Finnish M28-76 w/ antique receiver

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Finnish M28-76 w/ antique receiver REDUCED

Looking to sell the following item and it will require a copy of your drivers license as its built on a 1896 antique receiver. Finn M28-76 with a 1969 dated barrel. Bolt matches serial number on the barrel. Beautiful bore ;) Is complete except its missing the accessory rail on the bottom of the stock. I just cannot get it to shoot to suit me (1 5/8" group anmd I am picky ;) ). Asking $775 plsu shipping in a plano hardcase via UPS. First I'll take it gets it via PM or email : [email protected]
*******************GONE TO AUCTION************************************
Note- Will be going to auction sunday evening if not sold

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wow i would have thought theyd be a tighter grouping
wonder why
ever find out any info on the sticker?kinda neat:)
I can't get mine to group for crap even with handloads. I think it's just my handloading technique though. Also, I suspect my rear site isn't locking down tight. That, and my bolt handle knocks it every time I rack it if the sites are set for any reasonable distance... =]
i allways knew the finns to make tack drivers out of ther moisins-well convert the others
it strikes me odd that the m28-76 has horrible performance-not like the finns
all my finns can knock a fly of cats ass at 300 meters!
for the money they go for you would at least expect some acuracy
i wonder if they were just pieced together by some enterprising distributor?
just odd:dunno:
No it matches.............I have been all thru it. Probably just my reloads as well. Gonna order a new bow so its gotta go :nanabang:
i think youl do better with the bow myself Craig ;)
at least youll be happier with it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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