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Hi guys.

Okay, so I want to get a parts kit. I checked IO, in spite of their legal issues. They're advertising this kit:

But as you can see, the ad says that it's not legal to use the barrel in a build.
What's the issue that makes this illegal? It can't have anything to do with the expired AWB, right?

So, that kit is off the list, so I checked TAPCO's October catalog, and they still have AMD-65 kits. I think I'll go with this one, as long as they're still in stock. Now, for two basic questions:

1. Will this kit fit the Ohio Ordinance receiver with little-to no trouble?

2. I don't like that wire stock. Is it possible to install a regular wood stock instead?

Basically, if I get the kit, and the O.O receiver, and also get a wood stock, will this be a drop-in build, or are there issues?

TIA, guys.


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You CAN use the barrels on new builds. Some others may chime in on the details of that.

Question1 Dont know never used a oow

#2 You can put a regular stock on but your going to have to get the regular rear trunnion for a wood stock. A note on the wire stock. I didnt like it myself untill I got one. It looks weak but its really a solid little folding stock. No slack at all. Very tight. Just my take. From what Ive been hearing Tapco dosnt have any more AMD kits with matching #s. All they have are mixed bags.

If you use the regular rear trunnion for a wood stock itll be a drop in. If you use the AMD stock you will have to modify the reciever to fit it. There is a piece that needs to come of the right rear of the reciver for the folding stock to clear and the lower rivet holes will need to be relocated. Also an additional hole will need to be drilled where the locking button sticks out for the stock. somewhere someone is making specific recievers for specific versions of AK. Joe ken I think is supposed to be carrying these.
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