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First Attempt, Romak 3 questions.

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OK guys, I'm almost ready to assemble my first parts kit rifle. I got a Romak 3 parts kit and a "Dragunov" receiver. I've been reading Gunco til my eyes are bloodshot. (By the way, I love this place!) I've bought and modified a pair of HF 24" bolt cutters. (HF has a store 5 minutes from my house!) I got a "AK" rivet set with the receiver but they aren't right so I'm using them to practice with. I'm now waiting for rivets from K-Var and I have a few questions.

1. The holes for the front trunnion line up on one side of the receiver but are off by about 1/32 on the other side. Should I just enlarge the receiver holes to match the trunnion?

2. The 8x42D scope I just got from Tantal has the SVD style clamp but won't fit the mount on the receiver. But, it does fit the mount that was loose in the parts kit. Should I try to grind off the receiver scope rail and replace it?

3. The FCG parts are very sloppy, and at this point won't even work without jiggling them around. :bawling: How good are the "US Made G2" double hook FCG's. Should I just bite the bullet and order a Red Star Arms FCG?

I'll probably have more questions, but for now, Thanks.
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I just know you are going to love your Romak when you are done. It is one of my very favorites.
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