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First post!!! Cheap press problems.

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I will start out this new forum by telling you what I had to do with my $99.00 Homier 20 ton press to get it to work properly. First of all, for most pressing jobs such as bearings and bushings and automotive work, the press is probably just fine. Fo pressing barrels, bending flats and pushing tiny pins in and out, there was way too much (over an inch of slop) movement in all direction while pressing, causing me to continously readjust my work.
To fix this problem, I added solid 1" bar stock on the movable portion of the press that is guided by 1" steel pipe that is suspended from the top of the press. There is now less than 1/4" of play in the press.
I also bored a 1/2" hole in the ram with a set screw, so that I can attach a variety of punches and ram extensions. This way I don't need to hold the punch with one hand while pumping the ram with the other. This always made me a little nervous!
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I will post pics as soon as I get phone and internet service back!
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