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Flat Bending Question

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Ive just started to attempt to bend my own flats. The Jig is a DPH arms old style. My question is when I bend the flats the bottom of the receiver is bowed, also the sides appear to be bent in a bit near the front and when I put the trunnion in it seems to be a little uneven does anyone have a solution for this? Everything seems to be centered and aligned.
Thanks for your help
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What/who's flats are you using?

I have been using that same jig for years. I do remember having to hammer (soft head/dead blow) the flat on the bottom to square things up while still in the male jig, but everything else lines up great.

As far as the front/rear trunnion, how even are the cut upper rails where the trunnions slide in. If they are off (one side up/the other down), they can be uneven, and this will give you a uneven installation.

Also, from cutting the recess for the trunnions, if you haven't deburred the underside of the cut rail, that also can cause an uneven appearence.
Im using tapco flats. Im gonna run one of the flats through the jig again tomorrow and try hammering it out hopefully to get it even. Thanks for the help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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