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I received this flyer from AGI. I don't know exactly when because I usually don't open all of them up. So, if this is old news forgive me. They have a new video for building a Semi-Auto Ak from a parts kit. Guys we're finally mainstream now! We have truly arrived. This doesn't suprise me too much that they have come out with this vid. What does suprise me is the first paragraph of the ad.

And I quote.

"We did all the work for you!
As I write this, our studio is littered with AK receivers, flats, tooling and parts kits. From Internet research ( most of this information was totally wrong! ) and experimenting with various construction techniques, to creating tooling and documenting everything with drawings, we took the long way around in order to find the BEST and EASIEST method for building up a Semi-Auto AK from a receiver or from a flat."

LOL ,"most of this information was totally wrong!"
It would be worth the 59.00 to see exactly where on the net they jacked the info from.

Sorry, they're a good company and all but when I think of all the great info you guys have provided for free on the net here, I just think their comment is insulting.

Anyway, Thanks to All of you who really "did all the work"

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I agree, thank you to the pioneers of this hobby that did all the real work. That in a big way includes you Dirt as well as many other people on this board.
Thats said, lol, I ordered the video anyway. I'm a really visually cued learner and some descriptions on how to do things do not make any sense to my non-engineer mind without SEEING someone do it. I hope to get the video in the next couple days and plan on giving a review of it. Well... a review from a total newbie to building.
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