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Hi, How are ya?
Just checking in.
I have been looking at repurchasing a rifle and have thought about AR's and AK's. Of course cost is a factor now that prices have gone up since Bush left office. (What does that tell ya) But also reliability and stopping power. Not to mention the availability of the AK vs. AR.
AK's are present in over 57 countries as opposed to AR's in only 51. Not bad just another reason that nudges me toward the AK. And if I want accuracy at long ranges, I'll pick up a trusty .308

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Hello & :welcome:
Hello & welcome

Thanks for the welcome messages. Looking forward to all of the info on the site.
hello and welcome!
enjoy your stay:)
Yeah, I like AK's a lot more, but it seems like everytime I go into a gun store the racks are covered in AR's and there's only a few AK's. I don't know what it is about people and their AR's. Glocks too. Everyone I know with a gun collection ALWAYS has an AR and a glock in there, but AK's seem less popular even though they are better, IMO. Seriously, more people should buy them, more people should import them, just flood the market with them. We need to do what we can to spread the knowledge.
Welcome to the forum, btw!
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