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For those that don't think someone is watching.

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Interesting the stuff they were able to pull together. If you are talking violence you are going to get attention. Not likely the kind you want. Remember there is a way of doing things the right way and it is through the political process. Some times it is slow and seems to take a step back that is what happens in a free country. Checks and ballance will work it out. There are examples of bad legislation that gets pushed by those in power but eventually it should work it self out throught the courts. Look how long it has taken to the gun rights moving in the right direction again. Stick together and stay legal. Use the NRA and second ammendment foundation and we will get there.
my .02 cents.
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A couple of the comments in that "report" were out of line, but i really didn't get and "anti-government extremism" vibes from most of it. Just thoughts of people who are fed up with the elected officials not listening to the american people. Vote these clowns out in november, please.

If this is what the ADL thinks is "extremism" i'm more than a little worried about what is coming down the pipe next.
Off his meds again. Sigh. Do I need to tell your mother about your misbehavior, again? You KNOW what happened to your hiney last time you didn't swallow ALL your pills. Hmmm.
Whites Buying Guns for "War On Blacks"

White people, primarily in the South, are purchasing guns at an alarming rate.
Some articles try to downplay the reality of racism as the reason for this arms buildup in the south
by claiming these people fear that Democrats will ban guns.

Ku Klux Klan chief warns of race war if Obama becomes US President
This war is between our people who I see as the rightful owners and leaders of this great country and their people, the blacks.
People are angered by the invasion of their communities by those who belong somewhere other than our schools, churches and communities."

KKK warns of Obama 'race war'
The Ku Klux Klan website "welcomed" Obama's election because it could mean an awakening of our spirit and blood.

Obama win triggers run on guns
"The volume is 10 times what we ever expected. It started with assault rifles, but at this point people are buying ammunition,
high-capacity magazines, Glocks—it's all flying off the shelf.

These people are not buying the typical guns - handguns, shotguns, or hunting rifles.
They are buying semi-automatic assault rifles, military styled weapons, high capacity magazines
for their semi-automatic pistols, and lots of ammo.
Seriously, store owners are running out of inventory. This is how much guns and ammo these people are buying.
Common home owners don't need to protect themselves with that level of firepower.
Terrorists would need that kind of firepower for defense until they carried out their plans.
Drug dealers would need that kind of firepower for defense of their drugs and money.
The only other time people buy weapons like that is because they are on OFFENSE.
You don't grab the biggest and most damaging gun you can get your hands on unless you plan on doing the biggest and most damage.
A man trying to protect his family is not in the mindset to do that much harm.

This is a one-sided militarization. African Americans are not out at the gun stores clearing out inventory.
Hispanics are not doing it. Asians aren't doing it. No one else is buying up this much weapon inventory.

I can only hope that the FBI and CIA is keeping track of all of these purchases because this is the ONE time
when I might feel that eavesdropping is necessary.

As for the African American people out there, watch your backs!!....
These people are not just out to eliminate African Americans. They're out to "take back America for the White race."

That means we're all in danger!
Your correct about blacks correctly called African Americans and Hispanics called naturalized Mexican Americans. You who are a racist lunping them into one catagory. So I'll be a racist back. Of course the "blacks and Hispanics" don't buy at the corner gun shop. They want an untraceable weapon when they hole ******. My apologies to my brothers of different colors for that racist remark. Sincerely, No bull.
This is the kind of crap that dead monkey love is looking for. Stay vigilant!
I guess the men in black are watching. My computer wont let me open the link. :w00t1:


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What everyone needs to remember when you are on a forum is Al Gore owns the internet (he invented right?) so anything you post becomes property of the gov forever. They are also saying that you can not expect privacy in your emails or on your cell phone since they are easily acessable they dont even need a warrant.

I think I will hang out in the cooking section although my chili could be considdered a weapon of mass destruction...:blowup:
Is it the chili or the gas your body produces while processing it ;-)
While I was our puttering the Wife said there's a new Commercial about closing the Gun Show Lupe Hole. I have not seen it yet.
you have the right to remain silent you have the right to have an attorney present during questing any thing we make up can and will be used agents you
I really hope they don't come knocking on my door
I'm afraid they don't knock anymore my friend.
+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.
and THEN some

Just ta keep ya safe doncha know


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Not sure of the reason (not that I'll admit) but after seeing those last three pictures I find myself thinking of how useful a silenced .22 is.
Not sure of the reason (not that I'll admit) but after seeing those last three pictures I find myself thinking of how useful a silenced .22 is.

lol! ---who knows what those community activist would do with some good air rifles and BB guns!:redchug::hyper::hatprop:
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