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For your enjoyment a watercooled MG43 in action

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HK was testing their MG43 in south america. Turns out it is a water cooled machine gun.
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Cool that the barrels can survive such treatment, I'd be afraid of making the barrel brittle, I hear that barrels are supposed to be soft so they don't crack...
it has a tremendous feed system to lift and feed a belt like that
it has a tremendous feed system to lift and feed a belt like that
HK seems to have a hardon for positive feed, have you seen the pic of the guy holding a 21E above his head with a belt of ammo hanging on it, and some links in the air?

In the video there was a tangle in the belt that stopped the gun, wouldn't that put enough force on the feed system to bend some parts? Seems like it'd be a great way to wreck parts, but it kept working...
Yeah I'm sure that does warp things over time but for a demonstration they both don't care and it wasn't enough to really matter. The water-cooled guns I'm thinking of have a water jacket that keeps the water in place and the collector hose is just like a car radiator that collects the boiled-off steam. Surely those were ran dry from time to time but again for a military-issued setup it probably just doesn't matter since the gun will be at the armorer's before it gets "shot out".
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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