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Lynch said:
Anyone know of a good free picture hosting service I can use and direct link to the pics when posting here?

I used in a previous post but they don't allow direct linking to embed a pic in a thread.

I'd use g##snet, but I kinda figure that would be in bad form.

I posted the same question on akfiles a few days ago. I too thought it was not a good idea to post pics hosted by other message boards. Anyhow, I was shown this.

Actually, I would not care to pay a little for the hosting. I'd rather do that than put up with annoying banners, etc.

Sangrun had a good idea too. I would do this myself but I may be moving soon and would rather just have on place on the net that can move with me. Sorta like my yahoo email address.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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