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Ok, This is kit #3 of 3 for me. The guy I purchased this from was kind of a joke and I had multiple problems with him and his service, but here is the kit.
this kit is complete less carry handle and cocking handle. That was the way these all came. I have $170 into it and thats what I'll let it go for. I also Purchased a brand new in wrap Argentine bipod cut barell for $115. Again, what I have into it. I purchased these barells for each of my kits. I wanted my kits all built on new barells. So, I will sell the whole shebang for $285 or each of the above items for $170 and $115. I could be tempted by partial trades of kits and or cash. No more fal kits...I have enough. BUT you can never have enough AK kits...or ??? I'm new on this site but not new on, gunsnet, or falfiles. I have feedback on all and go by the same name on all. travisaasen

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