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Getting Ready for the Cannon's Roar

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Well folks, it's that time of year again. Memorial Day is on the 31st of May and I'm looking forward to hear the cannon's roar.

In our small town, every year on Memorial Day and Veterans Day a group of vet's drive around town firing off a cannon as a call to assembly for all vet's. It starts at around 0530 hrs and continues till 0700.

At 0700 hrs. a formation of vet's and their families/guests arrive at the cemetery to give honor to those that have fallen. Taps is played (a real bugler), names of those fallen vets (combat or not) is read. And the list is getting longer each year.

One day I will be honored to join those before me. At one time I was a badass combat vet (kill'em all), but as the years grow on me I become more emotional as I recognize the sacrifices of those before me.

Bless them all.
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Thank you all for your dedicated sacrifice!

Hard to believe this was me thirtysix years ago.:kewlpics:


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Thank you. You've saved many of us from seeing what you have seen. I pray my children won't have to fight to regain their country, that myself and others will do whatever necessary to ensure their safety and liberty now.
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