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GM Yugo M70 Barrels @ APEX $110.00!!!!

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Damn if 4 days after I order a new M70 barrel direct from Green Mountain for $145.00, APEX puts them on their site for $110.00!!!!!!!!!! Just my freakin luck!!!!

On a side note, I hear from a reliable source that Green Mountain is looking to expand their military rifle options in general, and the AK platform in specific. I think that they want to expand the AK line, and start producing barrels for the other variants besides just the standard AKM and M70 barrels. It will be nice if they are able to make a business case for the expansion, now that we are seeing an influx of barrel-less parts kits.

On another side note, they have put up a nice drawing/spec sheet for the M70 barrel on the GM website.

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hell I called them a year ago and they pretended they didnt do AK barrel and new nothing about it. I wonder if they will ever sell a .311 blank?????
I got the same thing last year. They said that they only sold to manufacturers, not the general public. I guess things change. Dennis at GMB is really nice to deal with. Wouldn't hurt to call and ask them about the .311 blank now.
HMMMMM id like to be able to make and sell some heavy 308 target barrels in 7.62x39 with a correct bore so guys dont need to hand load.

Ill have to call them again.
Let me know how you make out. I might be interested in one if you can get them.
Well, I guess something good came from my correspondence with Dennis.
I'm liking the detailed blueprint they added to the site. Much easier than having him pull one from the assembly line to measure (like I had to do), and convey the data via phone.
On a personal note:
I am extremely happy with my GM barrel that I put on my Milled Yugo M70. Extremely accurate, and chrome lined bore. Gotta love it.

Don't kick yourself too hard. They were $155 when I ordered mine. Worth it though IMHO.
On there page they list two ak barrels 1970 and 1975 nice thing is they give dimensions also. Both are listed as chrome lined and look like they are blued. The ones on apex don't say anything about being chrome lined and going off of the pic are in the white.

Military Barrels from Green Mountain
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Good observation, and probably accounts for the price difference. I also notice the one they have labeled that "will fit Yugoslavian rifles" (1975 picture in mrtanks post) has the wrong distance for the handguard retaining notch (1970 model is the correct distance.....lower picture in mrtanks post), and the side cut in the barrel for the handguard retainer absent on Yugoslavian rifles. All dimensions (RSB,GB,HGR,FSB) for their "1975 will work for American, and Yugoslavian rifles" is incorrect for the Yugoslavian as well.
May be worth an e-mail to Dennis to correct this on their site.

The finish is not really a blue but closer to a black oxide finish.

Looks good on the rifle though:

Above images are of the "1970" model they have on their site (top one is next to a pulled barrel from my Milled Yugoslavian M70 underfolder).
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A run of Tabuk chrome lined barrels would be nice.... since all of the Tabuk barrels dried up.
Psl barrels would be nice especially if there cam un-contorted but that would be stretching it.... It seems to me that the 1975 barrel would be the barrel on the Century Arms GP 1975 AK-47 but that is just a hunch...

If you have dimensions of the 2 barrels in question it might be worth contacting Dennis to see what he could do about arranging a few batches to be run.

I have sent off an e-mail to him about the labeling on their site for the 1975 model.
Well the Tabuk is just a yugo barrel with a little more length in front of the gasblock forward 21.4 total length, if I remember right will have to do some searching. Will have to check my psl...
Hummm just noticed that century has "US made" PSL Sporter Rifles. From The list seems that is has a us barrel I bet GM is making them.... hummm
Received an e-mail back from Dennis today thanking me for the minor correction of the descriptions written on Green Mountain's site.
I let him know to 'Not be surprised' if he receives e-mails or calls requesting a run of some other AK barrel types/ dimensions.
I believe if the demand is there for them (which I believe it is) that there is a good chance that GM would be open to the idea of tooling for a run of them.
Nico, I agree. The impression that I got talking to Dennis, was that "if" the demand was there, they would be interested. I for one would love to build a Tabuk style DMR, if GM would build a barrel for it.
I for one would love to build a Tabuk style DMR, if GM would build a barrel for it.
OH! Me too! I wouldn't care who made the barrel as long as it worked.:nanabang:

Have you guys seen that guy who is trying to start a company making Tabuk rifles here in the US? I bet they would be interested too.
I was thinking of getting one of these for a kit with a sewer pipe I picked up.
It's a good deal Hierro. Apex is great to deal with anyway, and I have been very pleased with the Green Mountain product. Combine the two and it should be great. LOL.
Dimensions for various barrels here, among other places:

.311 blanks would be a welcome thing! PKM barrels, anyone?!?
They now have an rpk chrome lined barrel, not bad price for chrome lined. AK47-RPK-GM light weight machine gun barrel

I started a thread to drum up support for specialty ak barrels from Green Mountain.
Mmmmm - chrome lined is just the ticket for yugo surplus/corrosive ammo!
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