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GMAIL Acct idea

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Have any of you guys around here heard of GMAIL? It's the latest and greatest email service provided through Google. The nice thing about gmail is that you get 1000MB of storage space. So, you never have to delete messages again. It is still in Beta, but now is the time to get your account before it goes live and everyone else already has the name you want to use. The catch with Gmail is that you have to have an existing member "invite" you to check it out and register your account. Most of the time existing members are given 3-6 invites within a week or so of signing up and sometimes more. So, those of us with accounts can invite our "friends" to check it out. Or, you can got to Gmail Swap and beg someone for an invite. Another option is to buy one on Ebay I was thinking that those of us around here that still have invites could send them to "established" Gunco members who don't presently have an account. This way we don't have to worry about buying or begging for them. I would recommend that once you get your account that you then share some of your invites with the others who would like to get an account. For my appreciation and thanks for all the help and support in my AK projects, I'd like to offer my 3 invites to the moderators of the board. If you would email me your first and last name, I'll email you back the invite. Hopefully we can continue the chain and everyone can get an account.
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I could always use another e-mail account. I'd be more than happy to share any invites that are portioned out to me by Google.
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