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gotta love finding gun stuff that has been "lost"

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Recently I was travelling and while visiting my parents, my dad said that he found something that belongs to me. Not knowing what to expect, I said ok and he told me to follow him. He pulls out an ammo can and said I think this is yours. I opened it and found some stuff that I had forgot I left at his house back in 93 or 94. Inside the ammo can is about 240 rounds of chinese steel core ammo, some yugo ammo (I think it is the stuff mitchell arms brought in, has a 79 headstamp - otherwise the boxes look like the stuff AIM was selling). Also there was some chinese lead core, E.G. plastic rounds (the ones that were sold in 10 round blister packs), a stripper clip guide, some sks stuff and a scope rail and mount from a norinco ak hunter. Needless to say I was happy to see this stuff (I couldn't remember exactly where I had left it, come to find out it was in a closet they hardly use). Finding gun stuff is always a good thing. Also found was a 10/22 mag that had been loaded for about 10 years (yes it worked and still works fine). Has anyone else found anything they had "misplaced"?
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ive got a box of chinese 30 rd ak mags in a storage unit lol ive looked all over for them
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