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Gun case that a PSL will fit in...?

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Does anyone have any ideas for what kind of case that a Romanian PSL will fit in? The one I bought came in a Winchester tactical soft case that a) it barely fits in, and b) has external pockets for AR mags that are largely useless. I just put an AK grenade launcher butt pad on my PSL and now, it won't fit in the case at all.

I've been looking at the Plano cases, but the dimensions look really skinny. I'd probably have to remove the scope for it to fit.

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I looked at my Plano case, sorry couldn't find a model #, and there was plenty of room for a PSL.
You want to look at ones classed for a scoped rifle or a double rifle case, I know that doesn't help much but at least it's a start.
Here's one that should work, not the greatest though.
Plano Pillared Single Scoped Rifle Case : Cabela's

Actually this one looks close to what I got. With the PSL w/scope mounted you won't get another rifle in there, but you got plenty of room. Might be able to use the dimensions from this one to find something more to your liking?
Cabela's -- Plano Protector Double Gun Case
I have several cheapy cases that I've picked up over the years and the PSL will fit in any of them. I'd say the ones they carry at Walmart would work just fine.
Just to be wierd, I built a gun case for my WASR-10 out of a plastic guitar case. I gutted the inside and used sponge rubber that I cut to shape of the weapon on the bottom and sponge rubber that I didn't cut on top. I covered it all with purple velvet. There was room for my scope, two 30 rd mags, a 10 rd mag, and a bypod. There are different size guitar cases. One should fit. But, after I got it finished, I found out that in the state of Nebraska, as soon as I put the rifle in the case and close it, it becomes a concealed weapon.
I have a nice double rifle hard case at home for my PSL. Only enough room for the PSL though. I'll try to remember to check out the manufacturer/model #.

It's similar to this one from the site that Coils posted:

Cabela's "Bullet Proof" Two Large Scoped Rifle Case
I have several hard double gun cases and use them when ever I transport my PSL. I can carry extra mags of ammo...scope mounted and ready to go...enough room for everything.
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