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Did'nt find a damned thing worth nuying... :dunno:

Looking for a Nazi Mauser bayo.. Saw only 1, I asked they guy how much, and he answered in one of those ohh sooo hated stories...

"That is an original WWI" Yes WW one, "Mauser bayonet. .It's in great shape, but numbers don't match.. I'll take one bill($100.00), I think thats a fair price, Don't you??"

What a dick, I just looked at him and said, I did'nt know there was Nazis in WWI, laid it down and ran.. I really wanted to slap the Jesus out of him for being stupid...

Ohh saw another good one.. A dealer has one of those NIB New manufactured M-1 Garands from Springfield.. With a sign by the box that reads..

"These are new guns, the receivers were destroyed in 96 by Clinton, and Springield used the same numbers"

Were do these people get this sh$t from?? 6,099,905 was the last Serial Number to come from the gov. arsenal Springfield Armory.. These new guns have 7,000,000 serial numbers, and are made from mostly new parts...

Who are they kidding, I informed him of his mistake, and he told me in soo many words I was stupid and don't know anything...I then told him I was gonna buy his Kel-Tec 9mm carbine but now he can stuff it....

I think that may be my last gunshow.....
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